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October 4-5, 2016

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Precision Measurement and Innovative Design
Warkwyn is an acoustic R&D company that helps our customers develop superior transducers and loudspeaker systems for the professional and consumer marketplaces. We operate the most sophisticated independent acoustic measurement lab in North America and offer Klippel analysis for transducers and systems developed in-house and elsewhere. We are comfortable working alongside your existing development team or as the sole developer. Either way, Warkwyn will help your products be more competitive and cost effective.

Acoustic Design

Acoustic Design
When you want something different, something outside the box, turn to Warkwyn. We will make it work, make it the best it can be, and design it to be manufacture-able, cost effective and sale-able.

Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement
Warkwyn is the best-equipped independent Klippel analysis lab in North America. Our precision tools not only identify acoustical problems but also can pinpoint the root causes and lead us to remedies.

Klippel Sales and Support

Klippel Sales and Support
Warkwyn is the north american distributor for state of the art KLIPPEL acoustic transducer and system measurement equipment.